Predictive analytics as a service

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Data costs. Hiring research teams. These are long term and expensive strategic decisions for those wanting to help boost their decision making processes. Vault bridges the gap with an out of the box solution for pre-audience content analytics. Trusted by major studios, distributors, investors and more.

Applicable market solutions

Content Creation

Any content company or stakeholder can access Vault’s dynamic market and reporting data.


Segment and demographic demand analytics help to visualize the make up of your audience so you can map advertising spending efficiently.

Financial Services

Easy to use predictive analytics platform that requires zero setup and integration.
A Cutting Edge Platform

Our products are powered by a deep learning neural network platform that has been rigorously trained on over 30 years of story and motion picture related data. We analyze each project for over 100,000 data points. Most importantly, our products are live 24-7/365 to verify our results.

Working Towards a More Stress Free Workplace

By combining forces with executives,  we use content analytics to make their lives easier and less stressful, allowing them to focus on making the best content for their audience.

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