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RealAudience™ Platform

Our RealAudience™ Platform uses artificial intelligence and deep learning neural networks to predict who your global audience will be and what will drive their demand for your content.

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Turnkey Predictive Analytics as a Service

Better Than Traditional Research


Correlated to Business Objectives


Overcome the Limitations of Surveys

Our AI relies on billions of data points across 30,000 cases instead of hundreds that have been scaled up. You get highly correlated, reliable data that lets you base your decisions on actual transactions instead of fleeting opinions from incentivized survey takers.

Triangulate Your Insights

As studios and entertainment companies consolidate, an unprecedented number of newcomers are spending record-breaking sums on licensing and producing original content. Leading studios, production companies and content distributors are quickly recognizing that machine learning, AI-based research adds a new critical tier to comps and surveys for accurately predicting audiences and optimizing decision-making.

Vault: 100% Artificial Intelligence

Vault's technical platform is 100% home-grown, machine learning artificial intelligence that was designed by in-house experts who have more than 30 years' experience in modeling markets using artificial intelligence. We leverage the latest research in deep learning neural networks and power our RealAudience™ Platform with customized, high-performance computing. Our platform is not just backtested against historical data, it's forward tested in order to continuously validate our process and our mathematical models.

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