Visualize the
audience before
they exist.

Covers All Stages of Content’s Unique Life Cycle 

From early development synopses and screenplays, to post-production video and trailers, Deep Audience forecasts the audience size, needs, wants and likes.

Product Features & Application

Dev/ Pre-Production

Early. Really early. Utilize a synopsis, screenplay or scriptment to visualize consumer size, demands and needs.

Post and Pre-Release

From final cut, to first trailer release, gain insights for acquisition, pricing and advertising campaigns.

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Anticipate Demand Early

Development and early pre-production stages generate great stories. But, even great stories have certain audience predictions. Identify the size of an audience as early as a synopsis with Vault’s Deep Audience reporting.

Activate core audience demand

Verifying audience demand and ways to activate it are never more crucial than at post-production and pre-release stages. Video analysis and A/B testing of trailers can help solidify acquisition opportunities.

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Until now, only large scale technology companies with wide expertise and endless capital could integrate predictive analytics into their workflow. With Vault, any company at any size working with motion pictures can integrate Deep Audience. Find out how easy, yet powerful a Deep Audience report can be.

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