DeepAudience™ Analysis for TV

Visualize Your Long-Term TV Audience Before it Exists

Predict Series Longevity and Programming Fit

Vault's DeepAudience™ Analysis for TV provides key insights on TV series performance and with actionable recommendations that maximize the profitability of your content. In the new world of global content, series longevity is the only metric that matters, and Vault helps you find the best outlet to deliver your content.

How It Works

Vault's RealDemand™ AI platform analyzes thousands of key story elements in your TV script, series bible, promo, or trailer cut to visualize the audience. An in-depth report gives you actionable insights for reaching the maximum business potential of your TV programming and lets you understand whether your series is best for networks or OTT, how many seasons it will run, which geographies and demographics will be most successful and more.

Analyze Markets in More Than 50 Countries with a Pilot, Series Bible, Previous Episode or Concept

Concept Testing

Pilot Predictions

Series Maintenance

Custom Research

Use Case: Turning A Podcast into a TV Series

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