DeepAudience™ Analysis for Movies

Visualize Your Movie Audience
Before it Exists

A Quantum Leap in Audience Insights in 60+ Countries

Vault's DeepAudience™ Analysis for Movies accesses billions of audience and story data points to uncover key understandings and accurately predict who will show up to the theaters or watch streamed movies from the couch—solely based on the DNA of your creative. The days of inaccurate predictions based on uncorrelated or unsubstantiated interest levels are over.

How It Works

Vault's RealDemand™ AI platform analyzes thousands of key story elements of a script, outline, finished cut, or trailer to visualize the audience. An in-depth report gives you actionable insights for reaching the maximum business potential of your movie—weeks, months or years in advance—including optimum release size, most successful geographies, key demographics and more.

A Paradigm Shift in Market Research With AI

Content & Marketing Ideation in More Than 60 Countries

Brand, Sequel and Franchise Analysis

Script and Concept

Positioning Strategy

Competitive Trailer Testing

Custom Research


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