RealDemand™ Market Intelligence

Predict and Track All Theatrical and Streaming Titles With Predictive Analytics

Gain Unprecedented Market Visibility

Vault's RealDemand™ Marketing Intelligence tracks up to 70 theatrical and streaming titles over a 52-week window so you can predict consumer behavior and plan, pivot and evolve your marketing campaigns in real time.

Plan, Investigate and Execute on a Higher Level

Accurately forecast revenue and strategize release dates

Predict audience demographics

Advanced digital and social predictions

Discover rising and dropping talent stock

Long range competitive title analysis

Instant on-boarding with zero setup time and integration

Tracking Evolved - Predictive Analytics

Today's method of polling a tiny random sample of movie goers is over. Vault's RealDemand™ platform ingests billions of data points and predicts transactional financial outcomes and consumer reactions to marketing messaging and materials.

RealDemand™ Market Intelligence by Vault

Join entertainment and media companies of all shapes and sizes to see how content analytics can help visualize your audience.