The Long Range
Tracking Platform

Gain Unprecedented Market Visibility

Vault’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to visualize the competitive theatrical landscape. Help strategize for your title’s release date. Activate the most in-demand segments of your audience. Stay ahead of the curve, and your competition, with unmatched market-ready data.

Product Features & Application

Theatrical Market

Go further than traditional tracking with 1-52 weeks of advanced box office and revenue forecasts for the entire theatrical market.

Consumer Demand

Visualize the makeup of your audience and efficiently map advertising expenses using segment and demographic demand analytics.

Immediate impact

The easy-to-use predictive analytics platform requires zero setup or integration.
360 Actionable Data Insights

4CAST’s analytics provide week-to-week data that maps consumer demand and helps create an instant impact in decision making across studios, distributors, production companies and financial services. Get up and running in just a few minutes.

Delve Deep into Demand

Jump into audience activation with 4CAST demandware. Compare talent, demand, and demographic impact. Identify future comps. Map user demands to find the perfect release date. Identify what key attributes are important to your audience with an easy-to-use dashboard platform.

Analytics Just Got Fun

4CAST comes as an easy-to-use mobile and interactive dashboard, fully customizable to your company’s unique needs. No engineers needed-gain substantial data in just minutes.

4CAST by Vault

Join entertainment and media companies of all shapes and sizes to see how content analytics can help visualize your audience.